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About us

Who are we?

“MART-IT” successfully provides services in the field of information technology since its foundation in 2005. We work mainly with construction and manufacturing companies, all across Russian Federation. Our main areas of focus are:

  • Development and implementation of IT-products and business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Setting-up and maintaining an IT-infrastructure.
  • IT-outsourcing, IT-audit.
  • Design and installation of local computer networks.

What our «Construction and operations» business solution is?

Our «Construction and operations» business solution is based on Dynamics AX ERP system – a top-notch worldly acclaimed Microsoft IT-product. Using the most formidable features Microsoft Dynamics had to offer, we’ve built a new solution, specifically tailored for Russian business environment. «Construction and operations» is to become a right hand for foreign companies planning to carry out a construction project in Russia. It provides a variety of tools for any construction project role, including project owners, general contractors or low level contractors.

«Construction and operations» gives you the best tools for:

  • Planning and calculation the amount and value of completed of construction and assembly works.
  • Filling out and supervision technical and post-completion documentation.
  • Providing the construction sites with necessary materials, equipment and other resources.
  • Controlling financial flows and conduction accrual accounting.

«Construction and operations» is integrated with most popular network scheduling software (Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera), which allows faster and easier composition of activity progress charts. An immense amount of paperwork has to be completed before, during and after the construction, and our solution provides means to generate required documents semi-automatically. You won’t have to gather and consolidate data scattered in different departments and, consequently, various data sources - «Construction and operations» has all the right tools for reporting and analysis.

What’s so special about our SharePoint corporate portal?

Managing construction works in Russian Federation is a real paper chase. We’ve created a SharePoint-based corporate portal as a powerful platform, enabling workflows, team working, document sharing and keeping track of assignments, both in your office and outside of it with your external partners.

Receive updates on ongoing correspondence. Don’t ever lose an important letter – all correspondence is safely stored in one place, thus reducing the paperwork.

Provide controlled access to project-related documents not only to your employees, but to your external partners as well – wherever they are.

Be notified on assignments’ status updates: what’s completed, what’s not, when’s the deadline.

Analyze and assess your projects, plan works, control starts and finishes, be aware of milestones and time reserves.

Get real-time data and reports on your project, which provide valuable assistance in decision-making process.

What else can we do?

Our company is profoundly experienced in setting-up and maintaining an IT-infrastructure, including distanced underdeveloped areas with no active grid connection. We maintain objects located in European part of Russian Federation, in Yekaterinburg and even North of the Arctic Circle.

We provide various IT-services such as IT-audit and IT-consulting. Our goal is to assist you in optimizing your IT-resources via better understanding of the current state of your IT-park. We help answering questions such as: how to keep costs down by redistributing your IT-resources? Does your IT-park need expansion? This kind of assessment can be useful for both small businesses and large companies. We’re looking to cooperate with all those interested in optimizing their IT running costs.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us: +73433450349, e-mail: info@mart-it.ru.